Thursday, March 21, 2013

DaVinci Labs CoQ10-DMG

DaVinci Labs CoQ10-DMG 300/300

Every day people consume vitamins and minerals to address any nutritional holes in their diet.  However, there are also a number of other nutrients that can provide the body with support, and DaVinci Labs has combined two beneficial nutrients that work to support some of the most important functions and systems within the body.  DaVinci Labs CoQ10 DMG 300/300 is a blend of coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10) and dimethylglycine (DMG).  These two nutrients work to promote the health of the cardiovascular and nervous systems, and they may also help to promote healthy energy levels, detoxification, and oxygenation.  CoQ10 is also a potent antioxidant that may protect the body from free radicals. 

DMG supplementation is rarely discussed, but it can have a number of benefits.  DMG helps to support methylation within the body.  Methylation is an important process that the body depends on for the production of vitamins, hormones, and enzymes.  Through this DMG supplementation may help to promote healthy brain function, oxygenation, and detoxification.  DMG can help to support the brain's neurotransmitters.  Neurotransmitters are needed to maintain many of the brain's most important functions, and because of this DMG may help to support concentration, focus, and a positive mood.  DMG may also be beneficial to athletes, because it helps to promote healthy oxygen utilization.  It brings oxygen to the cells where it can be used to nourish the body.  Many people also use DMG to help detoxify their body.  Every day the body comes into contact with and absorbs toxins and pollutants, and these agents can cause harm to the body's tissues, as well as causing biological dysfunction.  DMG works within the body to help remove these harmful substances.
Supplementing with CoQ10 is much more common than DMG, and CoQ10 is one of the most commonly used supplements for cardiovascular support.  CoQ10 may help to maintain vascular health by helping to support healthy levels of both blood pressure and cholesterol.  Studies have shown that it may significantly reduce systolic blood pressure.  Supporting healthy cholesterol levels is also important, because when it gets too high it can create obstructions within the blood vessels that can increase the chances of heart attack or stroke.  CoQ10 is also often times recommended to people who have experienced an initial heart attack, because it may help to limit the chances of a secondary heart attack.

CoQ10 is also a great antioxidant, and it works particularly well at protecting the cardiovascular system from free radicals.  Free radicals cause cellular damage, and they can cause an increase in aging and even cancer.  CoQ10 supplementation is also often times used to help maintain healthy energy levels.  It provides mitochondrial support.  CoQ10 also helps the body's electron transport chains, and this is essential to the production of energy.

CoQ10 and DMG both offer a number of benefits to the body, but they are rarely combined.  DaVinci Labs has brought both of these beneficial nutrients together in CoQ10-DMG 300/300 for a supplement that has a wide range of benefits.  This natural supplement provides support to the cardiovascular and nervous systems.  It is also rich in antioxidants, and it may also help with oxygen distribution and the body's natural detoxification. 

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

OneBode Support Review

OneBode Support and the Adrenal Glands

Lethargy, anxiety, and headaches are ailments that thousands of people experience every day.  Sometimes these symptoms can be clues to a larger problem, but many times it can be hard to diagnose what this larger problem is.  Many times these symptoms can be caused by adrenal fatigue, and poor adrenal function can slow you down during the day.  The adrenal glands help to create the hormones DHEA, norepinephrine, cortisol, and adrenaline.  Your body depends on a healthy balance of adrenal hormones, and when poor adrenal function sets in these symptoms may also occur:
  • Weakness
  • Dizziness
  • Poor Immune Function
  • High Blood Pressure
A number of factors can contribute the poor adrenal function, but two of the most common are poor diet and prolonged periods of stress.  Whether you have weeks upon weeks of school and homework or strenuous relationships it is essential to limit the amount of stress that your body encounters.  Processed foods, coffee, chocolate, sugar, trans fats, and saturated fats can also reduce adrenal function.  The nicotine found in cigarettes may also deplete adrenal function.

With all these ways to harm the adrenal glands it is important to provide support to your adrenal glands.  OneBode Support provides your body with some of the best natural substances for adrenal function.  It contains a Support Food Blend that includes panax ginseng.  Panax ginseng is one of the most popular herbs, and it supports the body's ability to accept and deal with stress.  It may also help to support energy and stamina

Curcuminoids are also found in One Bode Support, and they are commonly found in the herb turmeric.  Curcuminoids help the adrenal glands by supporting healthy levels of cortisol, and Support also contains l-tyrosine.  L-Tyrosine is one of the best ways to help relieve adrenal fatigue and may help to bring balance to the hormones.  L-Tyrosine may also help to return mental clarity to those who have experienced adrenal fatigue.  The Support Food Blend also contains licorice root and glutamine, which may further support healthy cortisol levels.

Poor adrenal function can cause a number of symptoms that hinder your day.  The symptoms, such as anxiety and fatigue, are often times thought to be caused by external factors, but they may be caused by adrenal fatigue.  OneBode Support is one of the finest ways to naturally help your adrenal glands during times of stress or poor eating habits.  If you regularly experience the symptoms of adrenal fatigue Support may be just what you need to help get the adrenal glands functioning properly.      

Monday, October 15, 2012

Pana C 315 Review

We are truly blessed to live in a time where supplements and other nutritional products help us to maintain healthy and properly functioning bodies.  There are a number of multivitamins on the market, and it seems that the expectations of a daily multivitamin are constantly being raised.  Pana C 315 has raised the bar on what you've come to expect by a liquid multivitamin, and it can be a great way to help support your health in numerous ways.

It's hard to believe all the vitamins and nutrients that Pana C315 contains.  It is made up of all the most beneficial vitamins and minerals that help to support your overall health, but then it also contains a number of other nutrients and blends that help to support specific systems and processes within your body.  Pana C315 provides the body with a number of enzymes and probiotics that help to support healthy digestion.  It contains a lengthy list of amino acids that help to build proteins and support healthy muscle function.  There are blends that support energy and the immune system, and there is even a blend that provides a number of beneficial and powerful antioxidants that may help to combat free radicals

It would be nearly impossible to discuss all of the benefits of Pana C-315, but one of the best aspects of Pana C-315 is the support it provides for the cardiovascular system.  It contains omega 3 fatty acids and CoQ10.  These nutrients are some of the most beneficial for the heart and cardiovascular system, and they may help to support healthy blood pressure and cholesterol levels.  Omega 3 fatty acids may also help to improve circulation, and this may be beneficial for the brain.  CoQ10 is also a great way to energize the heart and provide it with antioxidant protection.

Of course the nervous system and brain are just as important as the cardiovascular system - if not more important - and Pana C315 also provides support for the nervous system.  It contains choline, ginseng, and gingko biloba.  These nutrients may help to optimize brain and cognitive function, while also helping to fight stress and anxiety.

Everybody should take a daily multivitamin, but it can be hard to find one that is right for you.  Pana C-315 is one of the few multivitamins that can be a great fit for just about everybody.  It provides all the necessary vitamins and minerals, but it also provides other nutrients and blends that help to address specific needs within the body.  Only a fraction of the ingredients, blends, and benefits have been discussed, so make sure you take a look at all the amazing ingredients Pana C 315 has to offer.

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Milk Thistle Supplement Review

Milk Thistle Supplement Review

Your liver is under constant attack.  Numerous agents cause damage to the liver; from the toxins you come in contact with, the alcohol you consume, and even the food you eat can all harm your liver.  Supporting the liver is essential to living a long and healthy life, and one of the best natural ways to support the liver is with Fundamental Milk Thistle.  Milk Thistle has a long history of use, and it has been used for liver detox and liver support for centuries. 

One of the original uses for milk thistle was to cleanse the body of poisonous mushrooms, but today we know that it offers wonderful support to the liver.  It is quite possibly one of the best natural ways to cleanse and detoxify the liver.  Milk thistle contains silymarin, which helps to stimulate and activate glutathione.  Glutathione is an important substance for the liver, because it helps with liver detox.  Some research suggests that milk thistle may increase glutathione levels by over 25%.  Milk thistle has also been shown to limit the amount of damage that is inflicted on the liver, and it may even help to regenerate and repair damaged liver cells.  This makes it a wonderful supplement for people who have alcohol induced liver damage. 

Silymarin is also one of the best antioxidants for the liver.  Antioxidants cause cellular damage, and they can even kill the cells.  If free radical damage gets out of hand within the liver it could cause dysfunction, so it is important to provide antioxidants for the liver.  Free radicals are also frequently guilty of causing cancer, but research at Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland has suggested that milk thistle may help to reduce the spread of cancer.

Milk thistle may also help the liver by stimulating the secretion of bile.  Bile is an important substance for digestion, because it helps to breakdown fats within the digestive tract.  Once fats are consumed they enter the digestive system is large chunks, which the body has difficulty with.  Bile is released to help reduce the size of fats.  This is an important process, because if fats go undigested they can turn into toxins that harm the digestive tract.

Milk thistle has a long history of use, and today it is one of the best ways to provide natural liver support.  It contains silymarin, which may help to increase glutathione levels, and this may help with liver detox.  It also provides antioxidants for the liver.  Provide your liver with the support that it craves with Fundamental Milk Thistle.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Discount PectaSol Powder for Good Health

Discount Pectasol MCP Powder

A recent study in the United Kingdom about Modified Citrus Pectin discloses a delightful discovery: this organic compound gives people more than just protection; it actually discourages the progression of cancer. With such a big scientific discovery, Modified Citrus Pectin (MCP) has taken center stage in health and wellness, and it would be foolish for people to ignore such a revelation. For this very purpose, PectaSol Modified Citrus Pectin Powder is one dietary supplement to take note of.

The UK study asserts that apart from the proven health benefits of citrus pectin, Modified Citrus Pectin (MCP) actually decreases the progress of cancer. Once MCP binds with galectin-3 molecules, inflammation and fibrosis in certain injured organs such as the heart, lungs, liver and kidney for example, are significantly lessened.

Taking advantage of this medical discovery has never been so easy with the PectaSol Modified Citrus Pectin (MCP) Powder within the reach of any consumer. PectaSol Powder is manufactured by Dee Cee Labs, a brand name that boasts of all-natural and organic products made in America. Because of this, consumers are assured that only the best ingredients are included in the dietary supplement.

Modified Citrus Pectin and a Better Life
Nutritionists and health buffs had long been fans of citrus pectin, the unaltered raw form of Modified Citrus Pectin, because of its many health benefits. Citrus pectin may be sourced from the peelings of citrus fruits, and is often used as an important food agent in the production of jams and jellies. Meanwhile, pectin in general could be found in fruits such as apple, currant, peach, and plum. Root crops like beetroot and carrots are also rich in pectin.

The problem with this healthy complex carbohydrate is that it is not soluble enough, making it difficult for the body to absorb all the nutrients taken in. Thankfully, an altered form of citrus pectin was developed to address this problem, which is Modified Citrus Pectin (MCP). This altered form results from citrus pectin being broken down into smaller molecules, thereby increasing the compound’s absorption capacity. With dietary supplements such as the PectaSol Modified Citrus Pectin Powder, individuals who need the power of citrus pectin no longer have a problem about where to get it.

Battling the Big C? Go for the PectaSol Difference!
Patients who are suffering from cancer, whether in the early or late stages could benefit greatly from the intake of PectaSol Modified Citrus Pectin Powder. The big advantage of PectaSol is that it provides MCP of the highest quality, as Dee Cee Labs requires a prime enzymatic process to develop and manufacture the product. The result is that the MCP content in PectaSol is powered with molecules up to 20,000 Daltons, thereby increasing its absorption capacity and ensuring greater effect for fibrotic areas. Such a powerful compound works so well in slowing down the development and metastasis of cancel cells in the body. Finally, here is one more approach in fighting cancer, and it’s an all-natural healthy way to do it with PectaSol.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

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